Concrete Mobile Mix offers flowable fill as an option for your concrete needs. Below you will find a list of benefits for using this product.

1. Readily Available
Flowable fill can easily be mixed using locally available materials, such as cement, fly ash, water, sand and admixture. Fly ash is an industrial waste byproduct produced by power plants when burning coal. It is cost-effective and improves the strength of concrete.

2. Easy to Deliver and Place
Flowable fill can be delivered anytime by ready-mix trucks. The product can be placed by chute, pump, conveyor or bucket. Flowable fill is self-leveling – there is no need for spreading or compacting. It does not require demolition of existing concrete and can be added to cracks and crevices. Flowable fill also helps prevent unsettlement by stabilizing the soils below it.

3. Allows All Weather Construction
Flowable fill can displace water in trenches or from storms, so there is no need for water pumps. It can be placed in cold weather by heating the material much like you would for ready-mixed concrete.

4. Cost-effective
Flowable fill can be poured and settle on its own, reducing the cost of labor and equipment. Traditional granular fill requires two laborers for placement and compaction. Flowable fill requires only one laborer for placement, eliminating the cost for compaction. Since flowable fill is self-leveling, there is no need for compactors or backhoes, saving you time and money!

5. Strong, Durable, Versatile
Flowable fill has a higher load-carrying capacity than those of compacted soil or granular fill. It is less permeable and can be designed to achieve compressive strengths up to 1,200 psi.

The mix of flowable fill can be adjusted to meet certain fill requirements. Adding water improves viability and fly ash can change the strength of the cement. Amounts of admixtures can help adjust setting times and other characteristics.

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