The Benefits of Flowable Fill

The benefits of using flowable fill cannot be overstated. The savings can be significant, especially if you are using a lot of it. You will save on equipment, labor, and time. Flowable fill is self-compacting and self-levelling. It’s great for most utility uses. Flowable fill also improves the safety of your employees. For example, when making a trench, you are required to shore up the sides in order to prevent it from collapsing. With flowable fill, no employees have to enter the trench.

Flowable fill is best delivered by a concrete mixer truck, especially a volumetric mixer truck. Pumps, chutes, and buckets work well with flowable fill, and for better pumping, using some kind of granular material is recommended.

Whether you need a trench shored up or you just need a retaining wall at your utility location, we can help. As demand for more communication, electricity, gas, water, and other utility needs increase, you’ll need ways to save money, time, and cost. Call Concrete Mobile Mix today for all of your flowable fill for utility needs in the Northern Colorado area!