Flowable Fill

Self-Compacting, Economical, Flowable Consistency

At Concrete Mobile Mix, flowable fill mix designs can be adjusted to meet specific needs and requirements of the project with our concrete mobile mixer. It is typically used as a method to backfill utility trenches and other remote areas.

Flowable fill has a variety of performance characteristics that Concrete Mobile Mix can deliver with our concrete trucks.

  • Workers can place flowable fill in a trench without having to enter the trench, reducing the exposure and possibility of cave-ins.
  • Flowable fill can be placed by chute, conveyor, pump or bucket.
  • It’s self-leveling and does not require spreading or compacting. This speeds construction and reduces labor requirements.
  • Load- carrying capacities of flowable fill are typically higher than those of compacted soil or granular fill.
  • Flow fill can reach into narrower trenches because it eliminates having to widen the workspace for compaction equipment and laborers.
  • The product can be placed without rollers, loaders or tampers.

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