Curbs aren’t just for aesthetics. There is a purpose to curbs that most people don’t realize. Besides defining where the road ends, curbs actually hold the pavement in place. As you know, concrete expands and contracts with the weather changes due to the nature of its ingredients (water, an aggregate, usually rock, sand, or gravel, and Portland cement). This is why you will see asphalt, which doesn’t have an end, break up along the edges fairly quickly. As vehicles roll over the edges, the asphalt is easily pressed outward and breaks apart.

Concrete Mobile Mix offers curb and gutter services in Northern Colorado. We provide on-site concrete services, meaning we mix the ingredients when you’re ready for them, using our volumetric concrete trucks. We can make last minute changes and deliver concrete ready to pour. There is no wasted concrete, and you pay only for what you use.

We work around your schedule, including offering weekend concrete delivery. For the best local concrete delivery, including for curb and gutter concrete, call us today!