What is Volumetric Mixed Concrete?

Volumetric Mixed Concrete is a concrete plant on wheels. It the ability to mix the concrete right on site to the job specifications. This allows for the concrete to always be fresh to reach its full strength and for us to make only the amount that is needed for the size of the job.

How do Volumetric Mixers Work?

Aggregate Bins

The Aggregate Bins are located on top of the truck. Sand and stone are carried side by side in their bins.

Flow Control Gates

These gates at the rear of each bin can be adjusted to allow for the correct amount of sand or stone to be added to the mixing auger.

Cement Bin

This bin at the top rear of the truck carries the cement. The top can open to carry individual bags of cement or to load it from an overhead bin.

Cement Metering

The cement is dispensed through a metering auger. Cement agitators in the bin keep the cement moving.


The water is added to the cement and aggregates that enter the mixing auger.

Mixing Auger

The mixing auger is lined with mixing paddles to continue moving the concrete. The concrete is delivered through this high-speed auger to pour at the job site.


The processor provides information to the operator, logs data, and creates printouts.

Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belt delivers measured aggregate and cement to the mixing auger.

Water Supply

A polyethylene tank stores water to use for mixing and cleanup. A water pump is used to provide water pressure.

Concrete Mobile Mix can mix concrete on site for small or large jobs. Since each job is mixed specifically for a project, there is no waste. Our mixes can use recycled aggregate, too. For more information, give us a call at 970.356.0973.