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Roller Compacted Concrete Vs. Traditional Concrete

When it comes to constructing roads, sidewalks, and other similar structures, there are two popular choices: traditional concrete and roller compacted concrete (RCC). While both materials are similar, they also have some stark differences and varying advantages. Not sure which one is right for your Northern Colorado project? Read on as Concrete Mobile Mix explains, and contact us for a quote.

concrete roller compactor


Traditional concrete is strong and long-lasting, but you may be surprised to learn RCC is even stronger. This is because RCC has a denser composition. Traditional concrete is a poured and cured mixture of cement, water, and aggregate. RCC, however, mixes dry cement, aggregate, and just enough water to allow for roller compacting.

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Typically, the cost of traditional concrete is more affordable than roller compacted concrete. But, it’s worth noting that the higher costs can be justified by the impressive lifespan of RCC — not to mention it requires less maintenance. At Concrete Mobile Mix, we offer our high-performance RCC at competitive prices.

concrete roller compactor


If your project is on a strict timeline, RCC could be the ideal material choice. Installing traditional concrete takes time because it must be poured and left to cure. Roller compacted concrete, on the other hand, is simply compacted with industrial rollers. As a result, RCC is much faster and easier to install.

freshly compacted concrete


After traditional concrete is cured, it dries to a gray color that most people are familiar with seeing. But roller compacted concrete, however, dries to a brown or red color, which can be more visually appealing if the aesthetics of your project is of high priority.

So, which type of concrete should you choose? Ultimately, it depends on your unique preferences. Traditional concrete is a fine solution in many cases, but if you want versatility, durability, and high quality, RCC is the best choice. Contact Concrete Mobile Mix in Greeley, CO to get started.

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